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She thought she had found a friend, but she had found a friend and trouble.

Elsi Björkman is twelve and bored. She lives in a small town with her mother Paula and is not sure whether she likes it or not.
On a visit to the supermarket Elsi meets Henry. Henry is a well-mannered boy, who seems to spend his time returning people's shopping trolleys. Elsi is not taken by the boy who keeps seeking her company. Little by little she gives in, and for a moment it looks as if she is about to find a friend. Henry invites Elsi to his house. They swim in the pool and grill sausages. Later, Elsi returns to the same house alone - and is dumbfounded. The woman who answers the door does not know Henry. The boy in this house is not Henry.
Elsi faces a mystery. Has she imagined everything?

"My Friend Henry" is a film about children and secrets. It is a story about families where problems are not solved but put aside. It is also a story about the beginning of a friendship - the moment when you can finally ask someone over.

My Friend Henry


Scr:/Direction: Auli Mantila
DoP: Heikki Färm
Editor: Bettina Böhler
Genre: Drama
Format: 35mm
Duration: 100min
Year: 2003
Location: Finland
Language: Finnish
Production: German Finnish Co-production
Dream On Films, Helsinki, with MMM Film GmbH
Backers: MEDIA+, Finnish Film Fond, YLE, Nordisk Film Fund, FilmFund Hamburg, Eurimages