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Punish Me (Hounded)


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In an obsessive sexual encounter with a teenager, fifty-year-old Elsa is facing the exposure of her own desires.


As a successfully working probation officer, Elsa Seifert (MAREN KROYMANN) is totally absorbed by her duties. She is living with Raimar (MARKUS VÖLLENKLEE), father of her daughter Daniela. Triggered off by her daughter’s moving away, Elsa’s daily routine is cracked. She no longer believes in procedures which have been proving good for decades. Instead she is getting open toward everything which is promising a new intensity of life.

When young criminal Jan (KOSTJA ULLMANN) turns up as a new probationer, Elsa is confronted by his evident offers to sexually subjugate himself to her. Overwhelmed by the appeals, she cannot resis to enter the risky relationship with Jan. Celebrating and even staging their desires, Jan and Elsa create their own sexual cosmos. Step by step her life is slipping out of joint...

Director: Angelina Maccarone
Cast: Kostja Ullmann, Maren Kroymann, Moritz Grove, Sila Sahin, Ada Labahn, Markus Völlenklee, Stephanie Charlotta Koetz, Sophie Rogall
Genre: Drama
Duration: 87 minutes
Country and Year: Germany 2006
Format: 16:9 (1.85:1), PAL
Audio: DD 5.1 German
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Specials: Trailer, Preview

"To Maccarone's credit she steers clear of any cheap psychological analysis, telling the facts without interference through photography and editing and allowing the audience to draw its ownconclusions. But Maccarone's strongest asset are her two actors. Kroymann's unadorned performance, in which her naked face reflects wide run of emotions through a minimum of means, is remarkably complemented by Ullmann. A natural for the part, he allows his eloquent physiognomy to replace words in most of the scenes he plays: as such Hounded's presentation of sado-masochism, so often used to generate repulsion or derision in films, takes on a different, painful and tormenting dimension. Bernd Meiner's camera revives faith in black-and-white photography, enhanced through the accuracy of its framing, while efficient cutting never lets the story flag." - Screen Daily

"...a small but single-minded drama that sticks to the ribs. (...) "Hounded" has an an attractively perverse take on sexual desire that's boosted by resonant B&W lensing and Maren Kroymann's no-nonsense perf as the transgressive mom (...) With its gritty, chiaroscuro photography, and low-budget feel, film is very different (...) There is a tight, focused, forward momentum to "Hounded," with no backstory or psycho-babble, that leaves little time for the viewer to question it in "realistic" terms. (...) Choice to shoot in B&W seems absolutely right, both visually (in Bernd Meiner's contrasty lensing) and dramatically." - Variety

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